moving away.

after 1:00am. finishing the move from alhambra to corona. uhaul is empty.
bedroom us coming along nicely. kim is enduring we have a comfortable and welcoming sleep.
kiem and I killed it with boxes, sofa, aquarium and refrigerator. more work, had to remove front door for fridge. hilarious moment when I was handling the appliance dolly, kiem and kim smashed me against the sofa. laughing so hard, even though it was smashing my groin. good times.
earlier today, kim and i leased a storage space 10×20. jimmy the manager was friendly. we’ll be moving the other furniture and boxes into storage tomorrow, later today technically.
before this, kim and i stopped at buster’s coffee. sporting my new vibram fivefingers sprints. kim tired from her sweatshop employer.
hungry. hitting burritos and blue moon belgian white wheat ale.
yeah, im glad to get out of that house. i love the memories, hate the house.
another chapter begins.

hot hot heat.
wear sunscreen. 8:12am 61 degrees? sitting in bleachers awaiting commencement of the River Heights Intermediate School Promotion Exercises Class of 2009.
kim and I are sitting on wet bleachers waiting until 8:30am. I swear I did not pee my pants.
roasting, wearing black. uncomfortable. some bad rock band is making noise while we wait.
I are smart. wearing sunscreen. say werd. WERD!


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